Sensational Finds: Should you be buying that at Save-a-lot + GROCERY HAUL

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Should you be buying that at Save-a-lot + GROCERY HAUL


Hi Friends!! I have partnered up with Save-A-Lot to see how far $50 can go at my local store! In this video I'm sharing a grocery haul, check it out here

Someone in the comments said this: 

I want to share my opinion on this and let you know what I choose to do for myself and my family! I by no means eat healthy, but I don't eat terribly either! We eat 3 balanced meals a day and do snack on chips, popcorn, ice cream BUT we also snack on carrots, celery, apples, and nuts. I choose to eat things in moderation, if I want it I eat it if I don't I don't

What is "real" food?? If you mean food with 1 ingredient straight from the earth, you can find it at Save-A-Lot. The produce section is small, but it's there! Grains, eggs, cheeses, fruits, veggies all of that is available at Save-A-lot.

I don't think its sad at all that I feed my family prepared food! This because that's not all that we eat! I understand this viewers point, that too much "packaged" food can be bad. We don't eat frozen pancakes for breakfast, cheese steak for lunch, Frozen Lasagna for dinner. That's just not what I choose I do! We choose to eat packaged food in moderation.

I personally at this moment have desire to eat organic! It's not something that I believe enough in, to spend the extra money. If that's something you're passionate about, you should do it! 

My thoughts on Save-a-lot....

Save-A-Lot had a large selection of store brand and name brand food items. I was surprised by that, since I go to Aldi's often and they don't have nearly the same amount there. Save A Lot had a large selection of "exotic" fruits and veggies (ginger is an example of my "exotic" reference)

Be prepared for no thrills and frills. The store I went to was nice and clean, but it didn't have the nicely stocked shelves of a more expensive grocery store. Save A Lot is a place where you either bring your own bag or pay .11cents for a heavy duty plastic bag. For me this isn't a big deal, but when you're buying hundreds of dollars worth of groceries you may not want to have to bag it yourself!


 Here’s what I recommend from SAVE A LOT
  • milk
  • meats
  • cereal
  • brown rice (some stores have it)
  • jasmine rice
  • sugar
  • cheese
  • salsa 
  • crackers 
  • produce: bananas, avocados (always a great deal), pineapples, sometimes other fruits (but watch the quality closely), cauliflower, broccoli, baby carrots, peppers, onions, sometimes cucumbers, sweet potatoes, organic apples, organic bananas, asparagus in season, pea pods, zucchini, potatoes, and more.
  • baking soda
  • Fruit and Grain Bars

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