Sensational Finds: My best friend... and Playroom ideas!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My best friend... and Playroom ideas!

Hey Ladies! I've been hanging with my dear friend tonight, one that always has tons of great ideas. Her name is.... Google. Yes, Google is a she and she happens to be one of my most dependable friends. I can always count on Google to get the wheels in my brain spinning. I've been contemplating turning my office nook into a play nook. Mostly because it's half office half playroom, and I'm hating the way it looks.  It's a nook in our living room so I look at everyday, and it's starting to bother me.
I have so many ideas of what I want. I definitly want tons of storage, since that happens to be a huge issue it the rest of our house. I also want it to be colorful, fun, comfy, and transitional. We have lived in this apartment for the last 4 years and plan to stay here for a while longer, so whatever we have here needs to be able to move with us. Anything like built-ins just wouldn't work. Here are a couple different rooms I found and really liked and wanted to share with you guys. If you have any tips or would like me to check out your playroom please let me know!
I love the color scheme in this room. I like how the color of the rug matches the doors on the book case. 

This is a foam play mat painted in the Chevron print. Love Love Love this! Amazing idea.

The low table with storage underneath is great for little ones. I know there will be chalkboard paint somewhere in our playroom!

The book shelf built around the window is so cute

This looks like it was a t.v entertainment center and they decided to add a seat and chalkboard. I'm all about reinventing something, and hope to do the same.
I feel so inspired by all of theses rooms. I plan on spending some more time getting ideas. Baby B is almost 7 months, and really just started playing with toys, so I've got some time. I want it to be entertaining and educational for him, and not just thrown together. I just had to share my thoughts and ideas with you guys. Now I'm off to catch some zzz's before it's too late!

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