Sensational Finds: Review - Online Dollar Store, is it worth it?

Monday, January 9, 2017 Review - Online Dollar Store, is it worth it?


Hi Friends! You should know by know, I live for a good dollar store! I saw someone post about  which is an online style dollar store so I decided to try it out and give you a Dollar1 Haul and Review. For the full haul, check out the video above. I share a high quality look at the items I got and I really go into a full review. Here I'm going to talk a little more about the site and share some additional pictures. has items under $10. I found most of the items were priced around $3, which is good for the majority of the items being name brand items, we know and love. On the site they tell you you how many of each item is still available. A few of the items I ordered weren't available after I placed my order, so make sure you get what you want quick, because someone else can beat you to it.

They offer free shipping $25. The items shipped USPS and were delivered in a reasonable amount of time. 

Rocking his $5 ninja costume 

What makes Dollar1 awesome is their $1 Daily Deals. These are limited-time + limited-quantity items at a great deal. I highly suggest signing up for a free account so you can get the daily email updates. I saw the Tide Pods for $1 which is beyond cheap but I didn't know that they deal would end. They have some really cool deals, that I've seen, so it's worth it to keep your eye on them.

All of the items I ordered were real. Nothing was different than advertised and I was extremely happy with the deals that I found and the price that was paid. I would recommend shopping on the site but please be aware that items do sell out and/or go quickly. You may not always get everything you want but you don't ever have to pay for the things you don't get. Dollar1 is a new company and if you know me, you know I have a soft spot for people building their business. They have me a customer and you will definitely see more hauls in the future.

Check out for yourself and dont forget to subscribe to channel for more video!


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