Sensational Finds: 10 Best Dollar Tree Products of 2016

Thursday, January 26, 2017

10 Best Dollar Tree Products of 2016

                                             10 Best Dollar Tree Items of 2016- Sensationalfinds

Hi friends! The Dollar Tree has to be one of my favorite stores, of life to shop at. I love that you can find really cool products for super cheap. No worrying about price, everything a $1, and when you do find a really good product it's almost a feeling of hitting a small jackpot. I want to share the Best Dollar Tree Products of 2016. These are my favorite Dollar Tree items plus those that had the Dollar Tree Facebook group buzzing.

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Webkinz and Mini Pillow Pets

Fergie Wet 'n Wild Products-Eye Shadow Palette and lip stick

One of my favorite things from 2016 are the Clear "makeup" organizer. These are a broke girls dream. We all see celebrities and IG models with their huge acrylic draws, so these mini/more affordable organizers are a great entry point. You can organize your makeup nicely but because they are ultra cheap, we can think about new ways to use them around the house! I love using these clear organizers inside of my desk drawer and on top of the desk. They hold random bits and bops, so well! From makeup to essential oils- they can contain just about anything!
Clear Organizer aka Acyclic Dupe

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