Sensational Finds: Decorating our Apartment Bathroom

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Decorating our Apartment Bathroom

I've been slowly trying to decorate each room in our rented 2 bedroom apartment. In our last apartment it felt like each room was decorated, but nothing was complete. So what I've decided to do know is focus on 1 room at a time. This is the first room that is completely finished. 
For all of you that rent like we do, it can be challenging to make your apartment feel like home. Even though we can't change flooring or tiling, I tried to make it as home-y as possible. Here is what I did to add our own touch to our tiny apartment bathroom..
I wanted the space to feel clean and light with mostly silver and white accents. The paint is Olympic semi-gloss that I used in our living room. I had enough left over to use in the bathroom. I don't have the name of the color, but it's a grayish-blue. 
I found this jewelry holder at Marshall's for $14.99. I was going to make a necklace holder, but when I saw this I like it a lot. I really like that it has a door, but you can still see your jewelry. I even can keep my watch on the shelf.

The mirrored jar is from Marshall's as well it this was on clearance for $5.00. It gives the silver accent I was looking for, and holds all my Bobbie pins and hair ties. The soap dispenser was a gift
I showed you this shelf in a previous post, but this is it completely decorated. I added the friend sign and candle. I also moved some things around. I love adding personal touches to any space.
There's a close-up of the candle. I think it's a really cute decoration.
Another thing that any renter can do it change knob and pulls. That's what I did on the cabinets. I just kept the old ones, just in case my landlord wants them put back on. I found these at Micheal's a while back, and they were on sale for about $5.00

*** Disclosure: I'm about to show you in my cabinets, it's not organized the way that I'd like, but for now this is how I have it***

I do plan on getting matching baskets and adding some type of shelving. I need to figure out exactly where everything will "live"! Not everything has a home yet

 These two things are really old, and I've had them forever, but they work well with the space. I love fake flowers, and have them in just about every room!

The shower curtain is a recent purchase from Target and I believe it was around $20.00. The whole bathroom was decorated for about $100 and even though it was completely renovated (which I wish it had been), it's my way of adding the special touch to our apartment.

I hope your having an amazing weekend!