Sensational Finds: Confessional Friday

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Confessional Friday

Happy Friday Friends! Wow, I am so excited for the weekend! 

I'm linking up to A Blonde Ambition, this is my very first time linking up to her blog, and I think I like it.

Lets Go!

1. I ate a king size Snickers every day for the past week...I just can't help myself.

2. Every time the receptionist at my job talks, I want to tell her how much I hate her voice. I can't stand when people do a fake baby voice, she sounds like a 5 year old (and not in a good way)

3. I haven't done laundry in a week and Baby B is running extra low on socks

4. I've secretly always wanted blonde hair. Do blondes really have more fun... I'll never know

5. Baby B fell and his nose was bleeding today. Seeing my 15 month old bloody and crying, almost made me pass out. I held it together and he's okay. I gave his an ice pop, just because. This was our 1st toddler accident.

6. I hate taking showers in the morning. I'd rather pour hot coffee in my eyes, then have get out of a warm shower in the morning.

7. I plan on numerous Mango Margaritas on Saturday, in honor of Cinco De Mayo. The hubby and I have a date set. Parents Gone Wild!

Uugh! It feels to get all that out! I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!