Sensational Finds: 1st Birthday Goldfish Party Ideas

Sunday, September 4, 2011

1st Birthday Goldfish Party Ideas

Baby B is a few days away from turning 7 months, and I have begun searching for birthday party ideas. I'm debating on two themes Go Fish or Sailing. Before I tell you about my ideas, I want to talk about Pinterest. I love this site. I've been able to store all my party ideas in one area and have become obsessed. So make sure you join and follow me. I have my button down below to follow me.
Theme: Goldfish

Invites: Something similar to these

Location: This is still undecided yet. B's birthday is in February, and that limits the amount of options we have. I like the idea of Little Gym, a local play zone, or our house which would only allow for a limited amount of people.

Colors: Blue, Orange, and White

Decor: I want there to be one main table set up with goldfish center piece. A dessert/candy table. I want to make fish out of paper lanterns. Hang a birthday banner on his highchair, garland made out of pictures from his first year, banner made out of scrap book paper, pom poms in our party color, and goldfish details on everything.

Food: I plan on having a few different food ideas. I saw Goldfish shaped bread and will make sandwiches.  Here's what I've found so far.

Dessert: I would like there to be a smash cake for B. Fish shaped cake pops for everyone else. Cupcake with goldfish details on top. Orange and Blue mini jello cups. I saw a really cute idea of a foreign fish sign with a bowl of Swedish fish (hahah corny, but cute)

Favors: I'm liking the idea of fish shape soap-in-a-bag or a little thing of bubbles with a thank you tag attached

Outfit: There are just the cutest ideas out there, I really like the onesie, bib, and hat combo.


  1. love it! you should come plan my kid's birthday parties! :) *Joy*

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