Sensational Finds

Thursday, April 11, 2019

TARGET SHOP WITH ME 🎯| What Can We Buy for $1 Dollar or Less?!?

Today we're going to Target to see what they sell for $1 Dollar and Under! Is it cheaper than Dollar Tree?


In our recent Youtube video I decided to challenge myself to go into Target and everyday items that are sold for $1 and under. We all know I love the Dollar Tree! I can go in there and rack up 20+ items for only a buck, but can I do the same in Target. I decided to exclude the Dollar Spot section, since most know they carry items from $1-$5 and I also did not include food! 

How many items do you think Target sells $1?

Here's the full list.
1. Suave 24-hour Protection Deodorant $0.89
2. Up&Up Travel Wipes $0.99
3. Smartly Shave Foam $0.99
4. Colgate Toothpaste 2.5oz $0.99 
5. AIM 5.5oz $0.89
6. Smartly Paper Towel 1 Roll $0.59
7. Up&Up Hand Soap $0.79
8. Smartly Trash Bags 10ct $1.19 (included but not just $1)
9. Smartly Dish Soap Citrus Scent  $0.79
10. Glade Room Spray $0.99
11. Renuzit Room Deodorizer $0.99
12. Greeting Cards 1 count $0.99
13. Gift Bags $1.00

This the video we created Quincy's birthday wish list using Shoptagr. If you want to view his list you can check it out here

Monday, February 12, 2018

Under 5 minutes DIYS Using

Hey friends! For todays video, I wanted to share how you can find really affordable DIY supplies at other places then the Dollar Tree! We all love a good deal but it's totally possible to find affordable products at places like Amazon, Walmart, even Etsy!


I was able to turn my favorite website into a dollar store, thanks to the website
1dollarthings allows you to search for live prices of thousands of products on some of the best websites. I searched on Amazon for products under $2 and found some really cool products. 1dollarthings is free to use and the prices they give are always live and up-to date. I would totally recommend searching Walmart's website through 1dollarthings bc I was able to score sneaker for .95cents! Crazy, I know!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Dollar Tree Haul 2018! What's New At Dollar Tree


Hey Friends!! I have a new Dollar Tree Haul for January 2018! I went to my favorite Dollar Tree (3366 Grant Ave Philadelphia)

I found some great $1 stationary and food items plus my favorite things from the haul!