Sensational Finds

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dollar Tree Clothing Haul!!! The Best and Worst Clothing from the Dollar Store!


Hey friends!! Are Dollar Tree clothing worth buying? Today I try a ton of Dollar Tree clothing and accessories, and tell you if there a get it or forget it!


The hats for me are so-so. I have better but if you're in a rush or on a tight budget, they will do. The Dollar Tree has a ton of different colors and patterns, you can even grab  visor (taking it back to the '80's).

These "fedora" style hats are a heck no! The size is so small (or my head is huge)! The fit is terrible the color and style is great, they just need to rethink the overall design of the hat!

Dollar Tree T-shirt for the win! This is an Adult size Large, which seems snug but I love it! For cleaning, chilling or any other relaxed activity the t-shirts are worth checking out!



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

DOLLAR TREE HAUL! New Makeup, Home Decor and More!


Hey friends! I went shopping at Dollar Tree and wanted to share a new Dollar Tree Haul for June 2017! I found a lot of the items I was searching for, so that's always nice. My favorite find had to be from LA Colors, check out the full video to see the product and swatches.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Best Ways to use Dollar Tree Items to Decorate and Organize Your Space!



Hey friends! I'm a firm believer in mixing high-end home decor with lower-end pieces from Dollar Tree or the Thrift Store. Today I take you around my home and share how I'm using Dollar Tree Items in my home decor and organization. These are some of my favorite ways to use $1 to organize and decorate my space.

My Ikea bookcase has been around since little B was a baby! Its held up well but it gives me place to mix my Dollar Tree finds with other cool pieces like my new clock from the Apollo Box. I'm currently riding the succulent trains and I'm loving it! Succulents give your space color and texture yet still look neutral and kinda modern. 


 Bookcase Items:
Top- Love picture frame- I used a Dollar Tree wedding bag, cut it to fit this white Ikea frame. Its an amazing way to get a fun graphic for cheap.

Gray Bins- 

Plant in a white planter from the dollar store. I mixed in fake succulents to get it a fun look

Succulent Clock- Apollo Box 

Lady Vase- Dollar Tree DIY project

This Follow Your Heart Sign and Votives are Dollar Tree Finds

The Succulent Clock from Apollo Box is handprinted by artist Cassia Beck

The Apollo Box is an app that works with vendors from all over the world. They made a platform for people to find cool, funky items and they nailed it! When you browse the app or website, I'm 100% sure you'll see something that sparks some interest. From gifts to decor, they have some many options. The Apollo Box is based out of California, they offer Free Shipping and Easy returns!

They're offering you friends 15%off site wide when you register on the site using code FIND15 

Keeping my salt and pepper in the Dollar Tree magnetic tins makes it easy to access. 

I've loved the cotton blooms for ever, but the price is steep. I made my own DIY using Dollar Tree cotton balls for a cheaper alternative!

Organize Your Car!

The clear acrylic organizer from Dollar Tree work perfectly in the middle console

$1 fabric bins from Dollar Tree hold extras in our truck and contain the the mess

Find out more about the Apollo Box and visit their site to see all the amazing-ness they offer!

Did you see the full video? Watch it here and join the Youtube channel for more broke girl videos!