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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to Meal Prep for under $20! Meal Prep like a Boss on a Budget!


Hey friends! Meal Prep is a busy persons key to being on top of things. Regardless if your a sahm/working mom, student or just down-right busy, planning out your meals ahead of time not only saves you time but it helps ease stress. I took you along with me as I meal prepped for 5 day/5 meals for myself and my husband. I have started to try to add healthier options into my diet, so I placed an order on Thrive Market for some pantry staples.

Watch my Full Video to see how I Meal Planned for 1 week for under $20! I have some really hearty meals that will fill you up and keep you energized throughout the day! Click here to watch

I also wanted to take a minute and talk about Thrive and how it can benefit people like myself, who are new to the health world but are on a tight budget. Thrive is a members-only wholesaler for all of the top organic and non-GMO foods. They have huge selection of vegan, raw, vegetarian and organic staples that will fit any diet. I have no diet but I did research things like Apple Cider Vinegar and brown rice pasta, so I wanted to give it a try and Thrive had it for cheaper than my local health food store.

Two items I feel in love with are the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and the Kettle Brand Baked Sea Salt Chips. They both are completely different, but are now staples in my diet. The best part is they're cheap! Thrive has them priced exactly where I like to stay, under $3. I'll spend $5 on an item but I really like to get items for under $3


Brown Rice Pasta is bomb! It tastes exactly like it's friend white pasta, but it's a whole grain and better for the body!

Check out Thrive Market and get 1 month for free plus 25%off your first order! Use this link

Head over to the video and show some support! I'm giving away $25 cash via paypal but it's hidden in the description box of the video. Look for it to see how to enter. My Meal Prep Video

Friday, March 10, 2017

Shop With Me At Dollar General!


Hi Friends! Let's go shop at Dollar General! I wanted to take you with me and see what good deals I could find at my local Dollar General store. 

Dollar General had a great selection of cleaning/household and home decor. I was pleasantly surprised with all the items I found.  I loved this section of organization and laundry. 

Dollar General also had a great selection of hair care products. At a lot of store, it's hard to find hair lines for relaxed and kinky hair. DG had a good selection of hair care lines and the prices are great!

Check out the full video to see all the cute items I found and what the inside of my store looks like. I worked really hard on the editing of this video, so I hope you like it and didn't get bored with a bunch of product shots. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

What I Really Eat In A Day: When I Have My Period!


Hey friends! Today I'm sharing what I eat in a day: period edition. I get the normal bloating , cravings and breakouts, so I wanted to share what a typical PMS day looks likes and my period essentials. I do not eat the best at all! I eat unhealthy junk food but I try to get healthy options in too. I consider my diet to be balanced but when my time of the month comes, sugar is a huge craving!

These Kettle Brand Baked Chips are Bomb! They have the crunchy salty taste we look for in a chip but over less then half the fat of normal chips. I'm not really into diet food, but these don't taste like a reduced fat snack at all!

Chic-fil-a has to be one of my favorite Fast Food places to go, but their prices are kinda high. To save money I order from the kids menu and I swear it's the perfect lunch amount. 6 piece nugget, small fries and drink for half the price of the full meal, plus you get a toy (score!). Plus I feel like I dont over eat and probably cut the calories in half too.

I love to end my long days with a sweet treat, and this Dollar Tree delight is perfect! This is an Edwards Chocolate Cream Pie YUMMY! Also I was watching The Schuerman Show on youtube if you were wondering

If you haven't watched the full video, head over now and check it out!

I LOVE YOU FACES!! Have a great day loves xoxox