Sensational Finds: Toygaroo: Play, Learn, Laugh, Then Send It Back! *Review*

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Toygaroo: Play, Learn, Laugh, Then Send It Back! *Review*

I want to share my thought on a website that I recently started to use. The site is called Toygaroo, and it's says it's the Netflix for toys.  Basically subscribers sign up and pay a monthly fee to rent toys. The CEO Nikki Pope was on a show called "Shark Tank" where she sold 30% of the business for $200,000 to investors. It's a small business that I can see becoming very large. Now that you have the back story, now my review!

 When I heard about this, I thought it would be a great way to try out a number of different toys without the risk of collecting dust. I've found that sometimes the new toy can be great in the store, and once it's home baby B could care less about it.  I signed up to receive 6 toys per month, paying $32.99 each month. The one thing that I didn't like is, they have plans where you can get toys every other month, but have to pay monthly. I feel like you shouldn't have to pay for the months you don't receive toys. Anyway, you pick 12 toys to have in your "pouch" and those are the ones that will get sent. I tried to pick higher priced items, just because I want to make sure I get  my monies worth. I received Explore and Grow Busy Ball Popper, Sweet Baby Blocks, Laugh & Learn Learning Workbench, Color Kaleidoscope, Rhyme and Discover Book, Bop and Rock Musical Lion
 They all came shipped in one large box, and each toy was wrapped in plastic warp with a "Yuck free" sticker. What the sticker means is all the toys have been cleaned and sanitized using a 3 step process. The company seems to take cleanliness very seriously, and I'm all about that! Inside the box there also was the return shipping sticker and a paper about what to do. You have to keep the box because you'll need this to send the toys back. All the toys were in "Like New" condition. I was very pleased to see this. That was one of the things I was most worried about. I'm all about 2nd hand toys, but I want them to be in good condition. I planned on doing the 14 day free trial, but once the toys got here, I was more then happy to keep my subscription. I look forward to next months shipment. I also want to mention that Toygaroo has tons of toys to choose from from categories such as activity tables, award winners, crib toys, move 'n go, electronics, learning toys, and much more. There's never any late fees, you can keep the toys as long as you'd like.

So far I've been really happy, and I would recomend this site to you all to try. They offer a risk free trial, so if it's not for you get your money back. It's just life that kids lose interest in toys quickly, but with toy rentals you don't have to waste all that money.

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