Sensational Finds: Root Candle: The Smell Of Fall

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Root Candle: The Smell Of Fall

I love fall for so many different but one of them is candles! I love a warm house, that has the smell of candles burning. I'm always trying new brands and scents. I've gotten some really terrible candles. They have no smell at all, or smell terrible. I like candles that have a fresh scent, but is able to smell up the entire room. I've just recently found a brand called Root Candles. They are used in complex bouquet for a subtle fragrance and to add color. Root Candle considers themselves to be "the best candles in America". I'll give any product a chance that considers themselves the best. Not only do they make candles, they also make reed diffusers and fragranced tassels.