Sensational Finds: DIY Chevron Pillow

Saturday, November 5, 2011

DIY Chevron Pillow

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I’ve been searching online and in stores for throw pillows. I just can’t bring myself to spend $30 on one pillow. So I took matters into my own hands and made pillows. I’m no seamstress, I don’t even own a sewing machine. I’m quite proud of the way they came out. I spent about $17 on fabric, because I just wanted to test it out first. I found the tutorial on pintrest, which showed me how to tape the pillow and paint the chevron design on it. The paint could have been way more even, but for my first try, I can’t complain. If you want to see how I made the pillows and painted the design, please leave me a comment and I’ll make another post all about it. I plan on making more pillows, so perhaps I could do it then. These pillows were super easy to make, so easy you don’t even need a sewing machine. I love the way the came out, and I hope you try it as well. Now I’m off to make some more and enjoy the rest of my weekend. I hope your all having a great weekend.
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