Sensational Finds: Bobby's Easter Photos Are Here!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bobby's Easter Photos Are Here!

We took Bobby to have his Easter pictures taken a couple weeks ago. Bobby loved the girl taking his picture; he wouldn't stop flirting with her. I'm telling you, this boy can flirt! He smiles and plays shy, it's hysterical. This was the first time we went to a studio to have pictures done. I was so happy with the experience. The staff was awesome and the price was great. The only negative was the wait time was long, we had an appointment and it still was an hour wait. You have to wait about a week and a half to get your pictures, but they're to die for! The suit is Nautica, brought at Marshall’s and his shoes are from BRU. I can’t wait to have him wear it again on Easter Sunday at a local Easter egg hunt. We’re getting ready for Easter here we started dying eggs. That was fun with my rough 1 year old! Now I need to do our baskets and finish the eggs.

I scanned the pictures onto the computer, so they look a little grainy. I was thinking about sending Easter cards, do people do that? 

Let me know what you think, and if you have pictures posted of your LO's Easter outfit I would love to see. Also what does your family do for Easter and what do you have left to do? XoXo

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