Sensational Finds: My Skincare Routine and Dark Spot Corrector

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Skincare Routine and Dark Spot Corrector

Proactive is a product that I've used off and on for years. I've never been able to find a product that clears up and even out my skin tone as well as Proactive. Me as well as my skin, tend to get tired of products after a while. But this is one Product I need to make a staple if I want great skin. I have oily, breakout prone skin with some redness. Even if you only have oily skin Proactive will work wonders for you as well. If your unfamiliar with Proactive, its a 3 step system that's used twice a day.
Step 1 is the Cleanser, which has little beads that exfoilate every wash. This helps get rid of dirt and oil, while making my skin super soft. My face always feel so clean after I wash my face
Step 2 is the toner, this is a pretty standard toner. The only positive I have is it doesn't burn.
Step 3 is the Repairing Lotion, this is the lotion that helps treat and prevent any breakouts. It contains benzol proxide which is the only acne product that works on my skin. This is applied to the entire face.
These are the 3 main steps. I use an additional 3 products that are just as important.
First, the Refining Mask. I use it 1-2 per week, it helps absorbs the oil and dry up any breakout. It reminds me of a clay based mask, which is essential for oily skin. You can use the Refining Mask as an overnight spot treatment as well.Even if you don't try Proactive I highly recommend trying this mask.

Second, the Dark Spot Corrector. This is used twice a day after the Repairing Lotion. I didn't believe this would lighten my discoloration, but it did! They haven't gone away, but have been lightened drastically. This product is bomb!
Lastly, the Green Tea Moisturizer. I use this last, after all the other products are absorbed into the skin. I try to wait at least ten minutes before applying moisturizer because layering too many products can make them peel. So make sure its completely absorbed. This is a nice moisturizer, I wouldn't purchase it because there are others out that I like much better.
I think Proactive is a great system, and I highly recommend giving it a try. Proactive has a variety of other great products as well. I would suggest buying from a mall, and staying away from the online "club" Proactive offers. For me, its just easier to buy as I need it and not have them doing monthly debits.