Sensational Finds: Fekkai Hair Product Review!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fekkai Hair Product Review!

I have another review for you guys, and this time it's hair care. Fekkai is a great salon style brand, that's has made there products available in drugstores. Like all my reviews I try the products for a couple weeks before giving my opinion. Not only did I use it on myself but I've been using it on my Baby B. I'm bi-racial and have coarse hair, so I tend to use hair care products for African American hair. I also don't wash my everyday, just because my hair takes a long time to blow out and my hair will get too dry from washing too often. The Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner left my hair so soft and easy to comb through. I comb my hair out in the shower first, and I could have done this with the shampoo alone. I received a sample size Glossing Cream that I applied to my hair before blow drying. I was so happy with how shiny and healthy my hair looked after blow drying and straighting. The Glossing Cream was voted Best of Sephora 2008 and there are a ton of great reviews online. So many different hair types can use the Fekkai hair care line, there's something for everyone. The only con that I have is my hair did feel a little bit more dry then usual. The price point is about $10 for Glossing Cream and $12 for the Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. They have products for all hair types, as well as color treated hair. I told you that I also used the shampoo and conditioner on Baby B, I saw the best results on his hair. Since using the products, his hair has began to grow longer. It made is hair soft and gave it a healthy shine. I was so excited when I saw his hair starting to grow. I normally would just wash his hair with the Johnson Bedtime Bath. His hair would grow a little bit, but  his hair was still thin an had some bald spot. Now his hair looks thicker and his bald spots are filling in. Say BYE BYE to my bald baby! The only con for him was, if I got the shampoo in your eyes it can burned. It broke my heart the first time he cried because the soap got in his eyes. I can't wait to try the hair mask, which is a deep conditioning treatment. I recommend  trying a hair mask ladies, you will love the way your hair feels. All together I'm very satisfied with the Fekkai brand. You shouldn't have to go out of your way to get your beauty needs, now that Fekkai is available at most drugstores and supermarkets, it's makes life a little easier. Fekkai is a great brand, that's reasonably price and easily accessible.

I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.I haven't been asked to say anything. I stand  behind this product because I believe it's a good brand!

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