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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Party Progress!

So we are officially in full party planning mode. I haven’t felt this excited about something then since we were about to give birth! I started pinning party ideas months ago, but when I asked Bobby which one he liked he said the Superhero theme. Since Baby B isn’t old enough to know what he likes, we got to pick. I’m sure this will be the last year we get to do that. I’m completely obsessed with anything pink and girly, so if I had a little girl we would so be having a pink party. But I don’t, so the next best thing is a superhero party for my little superman! I’m just starting out in the world of crafting, but so far I’m so proud of everything I’ve made. So here it is! If you have any ideas that you can add, I’d love to hear. I got a ton of inspiration from the Hostess With The Hostess (link here), which has some of the most awesome real life parties I’ve seen.
I found a tutorial online for the cape, which was surprisingly really easy to make. I brought the fabric at Joanne’s and used hem tape to put it together. I did sew a little bit by hand. The hat is made from scrapbook paper. I just brought balls and used the felt to embellish the hat. The sign is just a free printable I found online. It would have cost around 45.00 to buy the hat and cape online, but only cost me about 15.00. What a deal!
I love this #1 decoration. I still need to add more red crepe paper, to make it a little fuller, but so far so good.

These are cupcake wrappers that were free online. If you want the site just let me know.

This is one of the invitations that I enlarged to use as part of the decor. I made this myself, which save me a ton of money

Here’s a closer picture of his birthday hat.

These pom poms are really popular right now. I used the tutorial from the Martha Stewart website. The poms are really cheap to make and add the color I was looking for.

Finally, these are just some of the cupcake toppers we’re going to use. I also made thank you tags but didn't take a picture of those, because there not done yet. So far that’s everything else I’ve made, and I can’t wait to show you the finished out come.
I hope your having a wonderful week!

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  1. oh what a fun super hero party!! I'd love to invite you to link up with us for Fun Stuff Fridays.