Sensational Finds: Our Happy Family Gallery Wall

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Happy Family Gallery Wall


I, like so many others, find the gallery wall to be a great feature to add to any home. This is one feature that I had in our old place, and really wanted to do it again in this apartment. So when we packed up our apartment, and I neatly peeled off my decals and put them on cardboard in hopes that they would be able to re-adhere to the wall. Well, they don't! I had a hot mess on my hands. Everyday a new flower would fall off the wall. It was pretty pathetic. I almost went out and brought spray adhesive, but luckily I didn't have to. We decided to take a trip to IKEA for the Expedite, and my decal was there! 2 years later they're still selling the same exact one. Let that have been Target, they'd be gone the next week! I was so happy to have them stick properly, and add the touch that they once did. Here is the way I did our gallery wall.

:side note:: After seeing the pictures, I think I need to use all matted black frames and add more variety in size. What do you think?

Most of the frames are from Ikea, Marshall's, or Target. The cross candle holder was a gift from my sister.



These are fresh flowers that I think look so pretty. Who doesn't like flower!
 Here is the piece that we purchased at Ikea. I said before that we are turning the dining room into the playroom for Baby B. So the bottom rows are all toys are the top is decor stuff, to make it look nice. So far I like the way that it's styled, but I'm sure I'll change it again. As for the room, we have much more planned to make it kid friendly, so be sure to watch out for that post!