Sensational Finds: We Love Spring Weather

Sunday, March 25, 2012

We Love Spring Weather

We've been enjoying warm weather like so many others, I'm sure! Thankfully winter wasn't too bad, but I'm happy for it to be over. I've always loved summer but as I get older I tend not to like the extreme heat and humidity. So spring and fall have grown on me. 
The feeling of spring brings back memories of being a kid. Being happy to have more time to play outside while my mom and dad worked in their garden. I try to pass on the memories that I had with Baby B, in hopes that he has a great childhood like I did. So with all that said, we having been spending as much time outside as possible. Either we take a walk or go to the park, either way B loves it.  Here are some pictures of our day at the park.





This little maniac kept trying to climb up thee slide. And the best part is he did pretty good on his own. He's so strong, and I love to see the determined look on his face!



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  1. OMG he is adorable. Enjoy the time with him, mine is already 8 years. They grow up to fast.

    im a follower now. love for you to follow me back.

    xxx maruschka