Sensational Finds: Confessional Friday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Confessional Friday!

Hi Friends! I'm back for another Confessional Friday over at Blonde Ambition. Everyone was so sweet, I had a fun time. So I just couldn't resist you ladies!

1. I had jury duty on Tuesday and was selected as juror #1. I was shocked I got picked, but was a little happy inside because I love the First 48. Not to mention I'll be out of work for a week or more, which is always nice.

2. I'm totally loving The Shops at Target especially The Webster. It makes me want to plan a resort vacation, just so I can buy all the pieces. (Especially the flamingo dresses!)
24850_Shop The Webster's Apparel & Accessories Items, Part of The Shops at Target - Opens 5/6

3. I'm curious to know if Bobby is going to plan ahead for Mothers Day, or wait till the last minute. Probably wait to the last minute, that's so how he is! But either way I'm happy to be celebrating my 2nd Mothers Day.

4. I love Bethanny Frankel. I think she's so funny and has really did a great job branding herself. I can't wait to see her talk show this summer. I might just have to read her new book Skinny Dipping

5. I'm this new Revlon Stormy Pink matte lipstick along with my Dr. Pepper chap stick, it's my favorite lip combo right now!
I hope you ladies all had an awesome week, TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend, anything fun planned?