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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Product Review Blog: The Shops at Target

I'm doing quick product review blog on The Shops at Target. I took pictures of The Shops displays when I went on Sunday. Most of them were end caps and had large signs above there location. I did show you the merchandise that they had, but never told you what I thought. 

24850_Shop The Webster's Apparel & Accessories Items, Part of The Shops at Target - Opens 5/6

The quality of the clothes are OK for the price. They're about $35.00 and up. I thought it was a ton of resort wear. It's perfect for a summer vacation, but not everything would work for my everyday style. I only purchased one dress that I didn't take pictures of. The accessories were really nice, I loves how well made the earrings were. The funny thing I saw, was Target is selling the exact same style of earring for half the quality and price. You would think they would make a different style.

24850_Shop Select Polka Dog Bakery Pet Items, Part of The Shops at Target - Opens 5/6

The Polka Dog Bakery had the cutest collars and toys. The quality was nice and I think it's a great buy for any pup.

24850_Shop Privet House Home Items, Part of The Shops at Target - Opens 5/6

I was kinda disappointed by Privet House. I thought there would have been more items. Everything at my store is pictured below. I really wanted the tray, but I didn't see it (maybe it's online only). I loved the coral color that they've used throughout this line.

This candle smelled amazing! I should have picked it, because it smelled that good.

I plan on going back and seeing if they put out anything else. As well as picking up a few more items.
                                 I would love to know what you purchased, and how you like it!

Today I had my first day as a juror, I can't even believe I got picked. It's exciting and nerve racking, at the same time. Follow me on twitter(@Sensation_Finds), to hear all the details.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your having an amazing day friends!

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