Sensational Finds: Girl Talk: Spicing Up Your Love Life

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Girl Talk: Spicing Up Your Love Life

I was recently asked to do a review on the a website. As soon as heard the name I was like HUH? The name of the website it Edens Fantasy's, it's an adult store that has a wide variety of items. The girl I spoke with Jenn, was super nice and said they had a ton of bath and body products. That's the reason why I decided to check it out. To be honest "adult store" make me a little uncomfortable. I think of a grimy building, with no windows, and a huge neon sign with flashing lights. Not the type of place I wanna go to. But I think every relationship needs a little spicing up, and this is definitely the place where you can buy the spicing up ((discreetly)). The website is nicely put together and there are a variety of different categories. You can go right to the Bath section and skip all the other stuff if you want to try any of their products.

I decided not to get anything crazy, but I might just have to next time. I picked the Dona by Jo Body Wash in Blue Lotus. It's a superfruit & aphrodisiac-infused body wash. The body wash is great for sensitive skin and is cruelty-free! This is a major plus, as I'm seeing more and more people being conscientious of using cruelty-free products. 

There are 6 different scents, but with names like camu camu it's a little difficult to know what scent you'll like. The blue lotus smells fresh and clean, with a touch of an aroma therapy smell. 

I hate Bath and Body Works body wash. The fragrance it too strong, and I never feel clean after using them. I've used Dove Exfoliating Body Wash for the last 8 years and have not been disappointed. To me this body wash is in between the Dove and Bath and Body Works. It has a light fragrance, but makes your skin feel clean. This hasn't taken the place of my Dove body wash, but I like to switch between the two. As for the aphrodisiac part, I haven't noticed any difference! That's fine with me, the body wash it's self is great!

$9.99 at EdenFantasys

The last product I picked was the Pure Instinct Attractant Cologne. This is a combination of natural pheromones and rare oils. I heard about pheromones when I worked at Sephora years ago. Dr. Perricone make the Synergy Anti-Aging Aromatic which costs around $250.00. It's said to make you more confident and clam and in turn make you more attractive to the opposite sex! Since then I've been wanting to try it, so I decided get this one. I thought that it was going to be some gimmick and probably smell like crap.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I put it on and smelled it. I kept saying "this smells really good", I couldn't believe how good it smelled. The product says that people who wore this aroma noticed an elevated confidence, enhanced mood, and awakened senses. I can honestly agree with all of those things. I don't feel like I'm more appealing to the opposite sex, but I just love the way I smell when I wear this. I've worn it every day for the last week.

The only negative I have is, it doesn't last all day. After a couple hours, I can't smell it. The smell is sweet and clean, and I love it! Honestly, I would highly recommend this, as a great alternative to your perfume. I sometimes wear both this and perfume and they smell great together.
$11.99 at EdenFantasys

You can add it to your bath water, which gives the water a nice scent and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

I think is a great store, that has something for everyone. The items are well priced and the shipping is quick (which I love because I'm impatient). You should go check it out and see what you can get to spice up your sexy time!


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