Sensational Finds: My Favorite Fall Candles

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Favorite Fall Candles

I love candles all year long, especially during the cooler months. Fall candle scents are one of my favorite things about fall. The warmth and coziness they bring to my house is inviting and I love it. So I want to share some of my favorites right now, and some that I don't care for.

Bath and Body Works
They've recently went back to the White Barn candle company from Slatkin & CO. I like White Barn and I'm glad they've brought them back.
    Leaves is a popular fall scent that I've fallen in love with. It feature notes of golden nectar, delicious apple and red berries. To me it smells like being outside in a wooded area during fall. It's a great scent! The candle I have is small and it filled my entire living room with its amazing aroma! I highly recommend trying this, if you havent already.

     Co Bigelow Nutmeg and Ginger Mint were also from Bath & Bodyworks. We have an outlet here and it was purchased there. I'm not sure if they have them at the regular stores, but I'm sure you could find them online. The scents are nice, but not as strong as the Leaves candle. I probably wouldnt buy this one again.

    Sparkling Icicles is a Slatkin & Co candle, so Im not sure if its still available but its smells fresh with a touch of floral. I haven't burned this one yet, so I'm not sure about how strong the aroma is. The scent is a combination of moss, bergamont, and a finishing touch of citrus bouquet.

They sell a variety of brands, many which are food scents. The prices are great bit in my opinon most of the quaility sucks.
     ScentSation Sweet Pea- I've used the wickless cubes of scented wax for a long time. This brand is great, I was suprised by how much I liked them. The scents are great and they have a strong enough scent they fill the whole living room. The price is reasonable and they have a great variety. Sweet Pea is more of a spring summer scent but its a fresh scent that I like to burn all year long. They make one called Maid Up which smells like soap or detergent it's a favorite of mine. It can be strong, but I love to burn it while I clean. It makes my house smell so clean! They also have website if you want to check them out

        Better Homes and Garden Soft Cashmere Amber and Warm Rustic Woods- Soft Cashmere is a scent wax cube which smells amazing but isnt strong. The Warm Rustic Woods also smells great and is perfect for a bathroom or small space. I keep this one in my bathroom and it leaves the perfect fall scent. For the price they bot are nice and I would re-purchase these two.

Right now I believe Bath & Bodyworks is having the 2 for 20 sale on the large candles. You should check it out and stock up on some awesome quaility candle. And if you want a cheaper option the scented wax cubes are perfect! Let me know what your favorites candles are or what you love about fall!
Wishing you all a Sensational Day!