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Thursday, September 25, 2014

THE MOMMY SCENARIO TAG | Find Out What Type Of Mom I Am

Well hello there! I've started uploading videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so if you aren't already subscribed, go and do it because your missing out! The last video I did was The Mommy Scenario Tag and let me tell you, it made me question myself as a mom! If you vlog or blog you should do this tag and see what your answers are:

Here's the question:
1.   Your kid is refusing to eat dinner, do you stand your ground and demand they eat what you made or make something else?

2.  Your kid has a melt-down at the store; nothing is working to calm them. Do you leave & come back another time or grit your teeth and finish shopping? 

3.  Your kid gets too many toys for their birthday. Do you make some returns or save them for a 
rainy day? 

5.  You have an appointment and no babysitter. Do you bring them with you or reschedule? 

6.  You have 20 minutes until unexpected company arrives. Do you rush to clean up your messy 
house, or just figure- “hey, it’s okay. I’ve got kids!”

7.   You’re running late & only have time to do your hair or makeup. Which do you choose?

8.   You’re at the park and another child pushes yours. Do you intervene and correct them or go find the child’s parent?

Answer these questions and be sure to leave a comment if any of our answers are the same!!! Let me know what kind if mom you are.

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