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Sunday, October 19, 2014

ANOTHER REASON WHY I'D NEVER GO BACK TO CABLE TV | Creative Galaxy An Amazon Original Series

We've recently ditched our Cable TV provider and  now stream TV shows with apps like Amazon Prime Instant Video. With Amazon Prime you can stream your favorite TV shows, movies, and music. There are ton of different shows for adults and kiddos! Amazon Studios has created an original kid series available only on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Creative Galaxy is the newest addition to the Amazon Primes original series and it's a must watch! You can go Here to watch the first episode for free. You can also try Amazon Prime free for 1 month.

When I got the chance to review Amazon Kids new series Creative Galaxy, I was really excited. I was excited for a couple of reason, one of them being the creator, Angela Santomero. She is the creator of some of Bobby's favorite shows, Blues Clues, Super Why!, and Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. So I asked  Bobby to come and watch a few episodes, and he did not hesitate. The main character is Arty, a little green alien, who loves to create art. He has a sidekick named Ephipany, and together they travel around the galaxy solving problem with art, inspiring creative thinking through crafts, music, and dance. 

Creative Galaxy is an interactive show that's part educational and part inspirational. The viewers are part of the show and act as 'helper artist', solve problems, answer questions and follow along as they travel around the galaxy. I love these types of shows for Bobby because it allows him to get involved, rather than just staring at the tv screen. In our favorite episode Arty's mom wanted him to take a bath, after she was done giving his little sister her bath. Arty didn't want to because he wasn't done coloring. So Arty figured out how he could take a bath AND draw at the same time. In each episode they switch to real-life kids  recreating the craft Arty showed. In this episode they made bath crayons, so we decided it would be fun to make some too!

Watch the VIDEO to see how we created our bath cfrayons and here our thoughts on the show!

Us moms know that any good kids show has to have a catchy theme song. Creative Galaxy has that covered. By the 2nd episode, Bobby was trying to sing along and we've been humming the song for the past week. I also love their catch phrase "Goooooo Be AMAZING!" Because yes Creative Galaxy, my kids are amazing!

Overall Creative Galaxy is a well rounded show! It's educational, inspirational, has a great story format, it's visually appealing, has great music kids can sing and dance too and Bobby and I both love it! It's a show for boys and girls, from preschool to school aged. I recommend watching this show with your kids and see how they get inspired by art!

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