Sensational Finds: Dollar Tree Haul and Christmas Decor Tour

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul and Christmas Decor Tour


Hi friends. Today I shared a Dollar Tree Haul video with clips of how I'm using the Dollar Tree products around my home. A lot of the stuff from the haul is Christmas decor, so I thought it would be fun to include Christmas Decor DIY into the video. 

This LOVE sign is from ALDI's and they had NOEL and JOY signs as well, but I thought love would work all year long. The sign is wooden with LED lights and cost $14.99. I thought the price was was fair because there would be no way to DIY it myself for cheaper. Aldi has some amazing Christmas Decor out right now, so run to your store and see if you have anything for your home.

This is an easy peasy DIY! I used Dollar Tree picture frames, wrapping paper and the a beautiful ornament from the Dollar Tree. I love the concept because you can tie in all the colors you're using and it doesn't break the bank. I did 2 of the same exact frames to use on the ledge we're using for our stockings.

This candle is from Aldi and it smells like a literal Christmas WONDERLAND! The price isn't as good as the fall candles, that they sold but they smell amazing! I'm sort of a candle snob, if it's not strong and burns slow, it's not for me. Aldi's has NEVER disappointed me on candles. This brand is Huntington Home and they had a few different Christmas scents. I totally forget the price but it was reasonable.

These Dollar Tree Stocking holders have to be some of my favorite Holiday finds! Dollar Tree is stepping up their modern glam pieces and I'm not mad, at all! They have really seen what was trendy and made decor that works. Mixing the Dollar tree items with a few other rustic glam pieces, really makes them look more expensive than they are.

DT bucket used to hold my thrifted mini tree! YASS! 

The beads are from Rite Aid and they also have a great seasonal section. They often have 50%off sales, so you can score things for much cheaper. After the holidays are over Rite Aid is one of my favorite places to go. These beads were $2 after 50%off. I'm not sure if they will stay there or if I will find another DIY for them. For now this section of my home is making me very happy. I didnt spend a ton but it looks fun, festive and that was my goal!

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