Sensational Finds: Bobby's 5 Month Update!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bobby's 5 Month Update!

Baby B is 5 months 1 week old. He's a very energetic little man, and wants to touch everything! He refuses to stay on his back, he's always on his stomach. It looks like he will be crawling soon, you can tell he wants to but can't figure it out. He weighed 13lbs 10oz and was 24 inched long at our last doctors appointment. His weight and height are in the 25th percentile. He wants to eat EVERYTHING! It doesn't matter what it is. He doesn't have any teeth yet, but you can see some white, so I know they will be here sooner then later. He sleeps from about 7pm- 2am then wakes every 2 hours until he's up for the day at 6:30, sometimes earlier. Our pedi suggested starting to sleep train, which I've been trying to research as much as possible. We still swaddle, which we are trying to stop, but it's so hard. I think we really screwed ourselves with swaddling and rocking him to sleep. Those are two hard habits to break, but I know we have to do it  sooner then later. B likes to be held all the time. He won't sit in his swing or bouncy seat for more then 5 minutes without crying. That's also something we're trying to work on. He's not into playing independently, or being left alone. He talks all day long. If you call his name he turns to you. He's so ticklish, he will hysterically laugh, it's so cute. He can sit up by himself if I sit him down and watch him. After a minute or two he usually tips over. I've started teaching him sign language, we do finished, mommy, daddy, milk. He looks at me like I'm crazy, but I really want him to learn. I've read that consistency is what babies need to learn sign language. I gave him the sippy cup for the first time. I put a little prune juice or water in it, and he tries so hard to get a sip. He did okay, and got it a few times. Everyday since I've been giving it to him to try. We are still giving him the Enfamil A.R for his spitting up, but for the past couple of days we've given him Gerber and he's not spitting up half as much as he used to. The A.R. makes him very constipated, so the doctor suggested giving him prunes or prune juice. I finally broke down and let my mother-in-law take him out for a little bit. I was a little uneasy and missed him like crazy, but when he got home he was asleep in his car seat, so he was fine. We plan on having him go with her overnight for my birthday in August. I need to get it together, or my kid will be a teen before his first sleep over. What can I say, I'm an overprotective mama-bear!
*P.S. I'm slacking on taking his 5 month photos, so when I do I'll post them. But here are some random 5 month pictures.