Sensational Finds: Eating like a champ!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eating like a champ!

We have been eating solids for a full month and it's going great! I'm probably one of pickiest eaters you'll ever meet. So I've been making an effort to offer B everything, even if I think it's gross! I started doing all the purees myself, and love it. To me, it seems like it's way more cost effective then buying baby food. We skipped over rice cereal, due to the fact that it's not a nutritional as fruits and veggies. So far we have had squash, sweet potato, carrots, bananas, peas, pears, plums, and green beans. I've found green beans and peas to be the hardest to make. The consistency tends to be a little more chunky because of the skins. I make a batch of 1 or 2 different fruits or veggies. Each batch is 1 full ice cube tray frozen, then stored in freezer bags. I've found so much helpful information on They tell you everything you need to know about making, storing, and feeding your baby.
 Today I was at Target and I was strolling down the baby aisle, and I stopped and was checking out the Ella's Kitchen organic baby food. They had so many wonderful fruit and veggie combinations. I decided to try 2 since I had some trouble getting the right consistency with some of my purees. I picked up spinach, apple, rutabaga, which Bobby loved, and broccoli, pears, peas. They were a little pricey, about $1.79 each, but perfect to stick in your diaper bag, or to give your little one different flavors to try.