Sensational Finds: Halloween Costume Ideas

Monday, August 8, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas

I know I"m probably getting ahead of myself thinking about Halloween, but I am! I can't help it, I'm really a kid at heart and love to plan and things. So I've begun my hunt for the baby's Halloween costume. I've only looked on Toy's R but they have a ton of cute costumes. I talked to my mom and we've made plans to take B to the campground that they belong to in the Poconos Mountains. She said the weekend before Halloween they have different activities for kids, including a parade and trick or treating. I'm really excited for that and plan on finding a great family costume idea for all of us. Then on Halloween we will get the baby dressed and go out around our house. These are a few costumes that I saw for Baby B and plan on finding "the one" my the end of this month. What are you and your little ones going to dress up as, any ideas yet or am I the only one excited?
This is my favorite one
The  Incredible Hulk costume is so adorable
Woody from Toy Story

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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