Sensational Finds: LOOK WHO GOT A FACE LIFT!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Our little blog got a mini face lift! I could be happier with the way it looks. I used a free Blogger template that was nice, but didn't give off the look I was going for. So what do you do when your in need for something creative? You go to Etsy! There are so many different options out there for premade and custom blog designs. I found Noor, her shops name is Blog Me Pretty (link is here), and she had a great template for a great price. She even installed it for me,which is a plus. That's not even the best part. Because the template was already made, she was able to install it as soon as I paid. For this inpatient mama, that's amazing. So for any blogger that are just starting out, like myself, you should do a mini blog overhaul. The appearance of a blog can make or break me reading. I know that sounds stupid, but if the blog doesn't look attractive most people won't stop a read what you've wrote. Anyway, I like it and hope you guys like it as well!

:side note: My wonderful mama brought Baby B a toy box for his birthday, and it finally arrived today! It's awesome and totally reminds me of when I was a kid.  Look at my little guy looking so fierce!