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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trend Alert Tuesday: Maxi's

This weeks trend alert isn't super new, but a trend that I think every lady should try. Maxi skirts and dresses are a great summer trend for every body type. I know shorter women tend to stay away from them, but all you have to do is get it hemmed. Here on the east coast summer is hot and humid, so loose fitting clothing is perfect! Maxi skirts have become very trendy and can be dressed up for dinner, or down for running errands. Accessories are going to make or break the outfit. If you pair your maxi skirt with a leather belt and great jewelry, you'll have a killer outfit. When it comes to what body type can wear a maxi, I believe that not one body type is limited to wearing this trend. It's flowly enough, so that if you have a little pouch, like I do, you'll feel comfortable wearing the skirt. The dress is the same way. Here are a few examples

Here is Lauren Conrad, she's dressed up  this mid-length maxi with a tucked in flowy top, blazer, and booties. This would be perfect for dinner with the hubby. It seems effortless, but put-together
Lauren Conrad in a lace black top and blush maxi skirt

This is the perfect example of the casual maxi skirt outfit. Even though the long sleeved shirt, might not be practical for summer, you could wear this now as the weathers getting warmer. See how the shirt is tied at the bottom, this has become a very trendy way to wear a button up with the maxi shirt.
chambray + maxi skirt

This Anthro maxi dress is gorgeous! I love orange and think this will looked great with a brown braided belt, a long gold pendant necklace, and brown sandals.
Pleated Optic Maxi Dress at Anthro...great sale price!

I like the bold pattern of this dress, but what I love is the straps! Having large boobs, means strapless bras aren't that practical. Being able to wear my, not so pretty bras,is important. This dress lets even the ladies with the large lady lumps, participate in this summers maxi dress trend and most importantly feel comfortable.

printed maxi
 I hope each one of you try this trend, if you haven't already. I sure am, and can't wait to show you what I come up with. If you have any tips for styling a maxi I would love to hear them!

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