Sensational Finds: IT'S PRIME TIME!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



PRIME TIME by smallysmallz04 featuring a face makeup
Hey friends, today I want to talk about PRIMER. I'm not too sure how many of you do or do not use one. I'm very curious to know as well. I use one, every time I do make up (except for when I'm half asleep and forget). I started using one about 5 years ago and instantly saw a difference.  I have larger sized pores and uneven skin tone. My primer helps reduce the pore size and even out my skin before applying my foundation. Some primers can can be just as expensive as the foundation, but I highly recommend spending that extra money, so you get the best results from your foundation. I think it's just like an eye shadow base, you don't have to have one, but your eye make up will look so much better when you wear one. Even if your not wearing liquid foundation, a primer can be worn before mineral foundation, concealer, powder, or worn alone. Wearing a primer can help your makeup stay on longer, look less crusty around dry patches (cause I know we all have them), fill in fine lines, and help combat excess oil. I absolutely love how smooth and soft my skin feels after applying a primer. Nobody wants to add another step to their routine, but this step is only going to enhance your look.
 MAC Prep and Prime is the one that I tried first, and still love to this day. I highly recommend this one! The other one on my list that I've tried to fall in love with is the Smashbox Photo Finish. I just recently brought the color correcting and didn't notice a difference at all. My make-up went on the same and didn't last all day. I know tons of other girls who love it, so it might just be me!

I hope you go to your local Sephora and get a sample of any of these primers, I promise you won't be disappointed. Sephora is the best for samples you can try any product they sell. This takes away some of the pressure of buying something you aren't sure you'll like. If you have any primer recommendations, let me know so I can try them! Thanks for stopping by, talk to you soon!

Bare escentuals makeup
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Smashbox makeup primer
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