Sensational Finds: Sesame Street 2nd Birthday- at the Please Touch Museum

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sesame Street 2nd Birthday- at the Please Touch Museum

This past Thursday was our little mans 2nd birthday, so we celebrated on Saturday at the Please Touch Museum. We've been members ever since Bobby could walk. It's an awesome place to take your kids to run around and literally touch everything! When I first started planning, I went to Google to try and find pictures of how others have decorated  their party room. I was surprised to find... NONE! WTH... not a single photo of a party held at the Please Touch. This is what we did to decorate the small party which held up to 30 people. I thought the 30 minute allotted time would be enough to get set up, but the guest started coming the room early. That was one of the huge issues I had with the PTM, they told the guest where the room was, but did nothing to keep them out before the party time.

Our theme was Sesame Street since B is obsessed with those characters. I used mostly primary colors, which helped add color to the room. There were larger tables for food, cake, and favors then 3 kid size tables in the middle of the room. They also has chairs lining the walls for adults to sit at.
I used small .99 cent sand pails from Party City to hold the goodies. Elmo and Cookie Monsters face was just painted on with Acrylic paint. All the goodies inside were purchased from Party City as well.

We hired an Elmo character from The Peoples Choice to come for  hour. The woman that came was perfect. She was on time and great with the kids. I couldn't be more happy with my decision to have a character come. B was so HAPPY when Elmo walked in. His face was priceless and he had a fit when it was time for Elmo to leave. The PTM was great with the character and they had no problem with one coming.

Bobby wore a Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt with a bow tie that purchased from the Etsy Shop Dressed To Thrill I highly recommend checking out her bow ties and ties. I had the bow tie rushed and it was here faster then I thought it would. I wish I had a better picture of his outfit, but getting a picture of him is a task! We changed his shirt for cake.


The party was great and I was pleased with it for the most part. If I could have changed a few things it would be
   1. The helper they have in the room to help you, was extremely rude and short with us. She made me feel rushed and like I was bothering her by asking her to do her job. The other girl Sarah was helpful and nice but seemed to just be monitoring the room. They should hire older people that have kids and have been through the stress of planning a child party.
  2. We didn't receive the gift that was said to be given to birthday child.
  3. Getting to the back of the PTM was a nightmare! If you don't know the area then getting behind the museum took us forever. Both my mother and I are terrible with directions, so that might of been the issue.
  4. Our party was from 2-3:30pm and the museum closed at 4pm. I wish they would keep the 5pm close time during the winter as well. I wish I would have known how rushed we would have been getting to the carousel ride.
 5. Like I mentioned before, having the guest come in before the party was set up really bothered me. If people know what room the party's in then they're going to wonder in. I think they should have had the room closed up and only let the host in to set up.

I would highly recommend the Please Touch Museum to kids under 7. I love doing all the exhibit with the kids, while the kids love to run around being loud. It's the perfect rainy day place to take the kids.

B's growing up so quickly and there's times when I want to keep him little forever but I love watching him grow into this amazing little man. So now we're 2 its all about tantrums, potty training and breaking the Binky/bottle. We have quite a bit to do in this next year!