Sensational Finds: Bobby's Toddler Room Tour

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bobby's Toddler Room Tour

       Hi Friends! We moved B to his toddler bed back in December and tried  update his room to incorporate things that he's grown love. I want to start off by saying that we rent a 2 bedroom apartment, our home isn't as big as I want, but I try to make my entire house feel as cozy and home-y as possible. I totally believe, that regardless if you rent or own you should decorate your house! 

If you didn't know by now, B loves Sesame Street. I knew I had to add touches of Sesame Street in his big boy room. 

I painted the closet doors with a chalkboard paint I brought at Lowe's, the area rug is also from Lowe's. The area rug was $20 and is great for my toddlers room, because dirt doesn't easily show up. The picture frames are covered in mustache duct tape, then have letters glued inside. 

We've used the same changing pad since Bobby came home from the hospital, and we're working on getting him potty trained so we don't have to use it anymore! The light is from Ikea and the little bucket is his Easter Basket from this year.

I love the board that we had everyone sign at the baby shower and plan to keep it up until I dye he wants to take it down. The bear to the right was a super sweet gift from his "Queenie", it has his name and birth date.  The bear to the left, was one of the very first gifts I gave to his daddy back when we first started dating 9 years ago (Yikes!).

The car bed is made by KidKraft, it was a gift from my mother-in-law. I found a link to the exact same one here. It was the perfect transition from crib to bed, but I plan on switching him to twin bed in a year or two. The quality is great, my hubby had no problem putting it together even though it had ba-jillion little pieces.

Bedding is from

Letters are painted from Michael's Craft Store

The toy chest was a gift from my mom, his "Queenie". The brand is Harmony Kids, I found the same one on Amazon (here) if you want more details. For the most part we keep all his toys in the closet or play area, so only a small amount of toys are kept in his bedroom. Whatever toys are kept in his room are kept tucked away, this helps his room look less cluttered.

I did a previous blog post showing how I added all his important newborn items into this shadow box. I like to keep it by the door in his room, it really reminds me how quickly time has passed and to enjoy the present moments.

That's it! I hope this gives you a teeny bit of inspiration or encouragements to go ahead and decorate your rented space. I love to blend new and old with sentimental pieces, that's what we did in our little guys room! Most of the things in his room are inexpensive so if your working on a tighter budget like us do like we did and PAINT! It will change the entire look of a room and really make it feel like home!

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