Sensational Finds: Waiting Patiently For Our Vacation.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Waiting Patiently For Our Vacation.

Be happy

  Hey Friends! Today at 5pm the Hardy-Hairston family will officially be on vacation! I can not wait to be together, as a family for 9 days straight! I look forward to being with my honey and I know B, will just love on him the entire time. Monday is my 28th birthday, Woo Hoo, so we'll be staying in the Poconos for the weekend. We'll spend time with my mom and dad, then come back Monday and leave for the shore on Wednesday. 

So today I'm going to push through the day and try to be "as happy as possible"! Because I can't wait for our vacation to begin. I hope you guys have a great weekend too!