Sensational Finds: Apartment Sized Fridge Organization For Under $15 | Dollar Tree Storage Bin

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apartment Sized Fridge Organization For Under $15 | Dollar Tree Storage Bin

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Hi Friends! If you haven't watched the video that shows you a detailed look inside of my fridge, go watch it! Theb come back for some more pictures and
chit chat!

we live in a small 2 bedroom apartment! Even though we rent I stillaking your space work for you! For myself that means, decorating and organizing my rental to make it feel a home! I was able to completely makeover our fridge and put in place an efficient organizational sytem for under $15. Not only does it look clean and crisp, but everything is contained, labeled, as has it's place or "home". If your unorganized like me, then giving things a home or a certain spot makes it easy to know where things belong! I'm now more likely to put things back where I got them because nothing else is out if place. Also by prepping the fruits and veggies and putting them in plastic baggies rather then what they come in, it gives your everything in your fridge a uniformed look. I love our snack bin! It makes life easier, rather than using bowls when you want a snack, everything is already washed and ready. Bobby is able to go into the fridge himself see what we have and pick a snack and juice box! The baggies are also from the dollar store and I highly buying them to store your fruits and veggies! I love the look of the clear acrylic fridge organizers, but the price was no beauno! I just so happened to find some at our local Aldi's for under $5! So I picked up egg holder and was off to the Dollar Tree to find the rest! Dollar Tree is a dollar store that sells everything for $1.00. They sell some pretty awesome storage items that I use in the entire house, as well as much much more! The key is going often because they restock things frequentl,y next you really need to look in ever isle and finally if you see something you like or kind of like BUY IT, because good chance it won't be there when you come back!

I'm so proud of how this project turned out! Have you organized your fridge, if so let me know what you use to  organize. Be sure to follow my blog as well as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter . All of those links are at the top of this page! If you like watching videos please go and subscribe to my Youtube Channel channel, because it really would make my day!

So here are some pictures of my completed fridge organization.