Sensational Finds: Dollar Tree Closet Organization

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dollar Tree Closet Organization


Hi Friends! Today I'm taking control of my cluttered home and getting organized! I decided that I would start with my kids shared closet, since it was the smallest mess. I used bins from around my home and a few other pieces to make this space functional and cute!!! I purged items I didn't need or want, trashed things that were no good, and found homes for the items that were staying.

Labeling is my new jam! Since I got my printer, I've been going crazy. These labels are perfect for me and hubby, so the items that belong can be easily put back! I'm not sure if the bins will actually stay this way, but for now it's working well. One thing that helps me get organized is grouping things together and placing them in their home. This way when I put things back I know exactly where it belongs.

Chalk paint is one of the things that can change a small space and give it a new fun feel! The closet doors were painted the same color as the walls, so when we move I can repaint it back to original color. 

VarageSale is the new way to thrift! This free app allows you sell and buy used or handmade items. Join the community that is in your area and begin seeing what amazing finds are local to you! I was so surprised by all the amazing handmade crafts I saw in my area, and the prices were! If you've done other virtual garage sales, then you know dealing with pickup can be annoying, to say the least. VarageSale allows you rate and review others, so you can know who you're dealing with. The app is linked to your Facebook page, so you can see everyone's picture and get a feel of whom you're dealing with. Download the app now, just to see the awesome finds in you area! 


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