Sensational Finds: Dollar Tree Loves & Loathes- Dollar Stpre Product Reviews

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dollar Tree Loves & Loathes- Dollar Stpre Product Reviews

Hey Friends! Every couple of months I go through all of my Dollar Tree products that I've recently hauled and share reviews on the products I love and hate. Since we haul so many random products it's great to go back and let you know more after I've tried them.  This video I have some products I'm loving and 1 product that was pure crap. 

I love this Vaseline Lip Therapy! Its so smooth and really hydrates the lips. This is the perfect lip treatment to keep in your bag, car, diaper bag, desk, night stand... you feel what I'm saying?!?! This stuff is goood! I feel like you'd pay maybe $3 at CVS or Walgreens. This is a product I'll re-buy and a total LOVE

This Laundry Detergent from the Dollar Tree is so-so. I don't love it but I also don't hate it. The consistency is watery, there's barely any scent, and I hate how wide the top spout is. I did clean the clothes, but it really didn't do anything else. This was my first time using this liquid detergent, I normally buy the powdered SUN brand. IBOTTA was offering a .25 cent rebate for any liquid detergent at the Dollar Tree, so that's what prompted me to pick it up. Using my Ibotta app, made this a .75 cent detergent, I think it's worth 3 quarters for sure. Check out Ibotta if you haven't already, you can get $10 welcome bonus the first time you download the app. Plus we can be on the same team and help each other earn bonuses.

I couldn't be more happy with all the Wet 'n Wild Makeup brushes I purchased. I think they are worth a buck and I love having so many different brushes to choose from. I did compare my MAC contour brush to the Wet 'n Wild brush. In the video I share how if I think they're the same quality or if the Wet 'n Wild brush is a dupe. If you're out and find any of these makeup brushes, pick them up for sure!

The Dollar Tree Assured Brand of medicine is amazing. They offer so many cheaper options that are exactly the same as the name brand. This Allergy Relief has the exact same ingredients as Zyrtec and cost a fraction of the price. You get 14 tablets for a $1 and for my seasonal allergies, it worked like a charm! I love so many of the Dollar Tree medicines, so if you haven't started using them, know they're great!!

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