Sensational Finds: Our Grocery Haul On A Budget + What To Buy at Save-a-lot

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our Grocery Haul On A Budget + What To Buy at Save-a-lot

Hi Friends! We all like to save money, but saving money on food can be tricky. Food shopping takes up a large portion of our budget, so I'm always trying to find good, affordable food. I decided to start shopping at Save-A-Lot again and they have blown me away ! Save-a-lot gives a ton of brand name food options as well as, some great store brands options as well!

Here are my favorite Save -A- Lot Picks

1. Meats- I'm so picky when it comes to good meat, and Save-A-Lot offers great meat options, at an affordable price. I've heard people say they think the meat is "cheap" and I promise you, I'd never eat cheap meat. It's good and it's more affordable than big grocery stores.

2. Store Brand Mac 'n Cheese- I don't know what makes it taste so delicious, but it's the best boxed mac, I've ever had. I won't buy any other brand because this stuff is good. At $0.39 it's totally worth the price

3. Store Brand Chips- The J. Higgs Extreme Nacho Chips- YASS! They tasted better to me then the name brand. All of these chips are good and affordable. If you go to Save-A-Lot pick up a bag and let me know what you think.

4. Cereal- Apple Bobbers- These are an amazing price and taste great. The size of the box makes these breakfast cereals totally worth the price.

Watch my full grocery haul here to see the other items I picked up for my family of 4

Some of the prices at my store may vary from yours, the best way to see what your store has is to head into your local Save-A-Lot. Find a store near you