Sensational Finds: Shop With Me At Dollar General!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Shop With Me At Dollar General!


Hi Friends! Let's go shop at Dollar General! I wanted to take you with me and see what good deals I could find at my local Dollar General store. 

Dollar General had a great selection of cleaning/household and home decor. I was pleasantly surprised with all the items I found.  I loved this section of organization and laundry. 

Dollar General also had a great selection of hair care products. At a lot of store, it's hard to find hair lines for relaxed and kinky hair. DG had a good selection of hair care lines and the prices are great!

Check out the full video to see all the cute items I found and what the inside of my store looks like. I worked really hard on the editing of this video, so I hope you like it and didn't get bored with a bunch of product shots. 

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