Sensational Finds: What I Really Eat In A Day: When I Have My Period!

Monday, March 6, 2017

What I Really Eat In A Day: When I Have My Period!


Hey friends! Today I'm sharing what I eat in a day: period edition. I get the normal bloating , cravings and breakouts, so I wanted to share what a typical PMS day looks likes and my period essentials. I do not eat the best at all! I eat unhealthy junk food but I try to get healthy options in too. I consider my diet to be balanced but when my time of the month comes, sugar is a huge craving!

These Kettle Brand Baked Chips are Bomb! They have the crunchy salty taste we look for in a chip but over less then half the fat of normal chips. I'm not really into diet food, but these don't taste like a reduced fat snack at all!

Chic-fil-a has to be one of my favorite Fast Food places to go, but their prices are kinda high. To save money I order from the kids menu and I swear it's the perfect lunch amount. 6 piece nugget, small fries and drink for half the price of the full meal, plus you get a toy (score!). Plus I feel like I dont over eat and probably cut the calories in half too.

I love to end my long days with a sweet treat, and this Dollar Tree delight is perfect! This is an Edwards Chocolate Cream Pie YUMMY! Also I was watching The Schuerman Show on youtube if you were wondering

If you haven't watched the full video, head over now and check it out!

I LOVE YOU FACES!! Have a great day loves xoxox

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