Sensational Finds: One Dollar Zone Haul!! Is This Store Better Than Dollar Tree??!!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

One Dollar Zone Haul!! Is This Store Better Than Dollar Tree??!!!


Hi friends! In Philly a new dollar store opened called One Dollar Zone, so you know since I am a Dollar Tree addict, I had to try it out! I shared a haul on my Youtube channel of all the recent finds from Dollar Zone, so be sure to check that out.

I wanted to come here and share more information, incase you're looking for a review and don't know if you should go there or just stick to Dollar Tree.

I've been to Dollar Zone since it's recent opening and each time I go I'm able to find new cool items. The store is stocked well and it's obvious that it was put together nicely and with some thought. I never heard of this store before, but when I searched google they had a legit website and look to be opening a ton of new stores. From what I can see it looks like a East Coast dollar store, but since my West Coast love have 99cents only I ain't mad at it.

The items they sold looked to be a mix of closeouts and china based items. It was clear that a lot of the jewelry was super cheap and had a fast fashion feel. They had great items like glass wear but their party section was for sure lacking. They basically have zero makeup, but I did find some amazing makeup brushes that I LOVE! If you asked me, I'd sayOne Dollar Zone is amazing for house-hold items and crafting. The crafting section blew DT out the water. They had so many of the small craft items, you use and it was a good mix. They had meal prep containers, food storage containers but no organizations bins. They even sell clothes!

The cashiers can be slow and they stuffed 20 bucks worth of stuff in 1 plastic bag, so I make sure to take my reusable bag in when I shop.

In closing, I love the store. I think it's a great addition to Dollar Tree and they really feel like they may give DT a run for their money. They had some great brand names but had amazing off brand finds, they I never see at DT. I'm totally hooked and will add this to my list if places to check out often. If you live in the area or see one opening near you, give it a try!

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