Sunday, April 9, 2017


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Hi friends! Spring cleaning is in full effect here and I couldn't be more excited. I went onto and I found almost everything I needed for clean, organizing and decorating my tiny bathroom on a budget! Hollar is my favorite online dollar store. They have a huge selection of items from $1-10. If you haven't seen any of my other Hollar Hauls (playlist here) you should check them out because I always find awesome deals.

Hollar has a new essentials section on their site, where they sell staple items we use everyday but they are super cheap. The sizes are large, you won't be getting the trial size or mini size bottles of cleaners. My favorite find from this section has to be the Reusable Cleaning Cloth! This is a glass cleaning cloth that can be reused. It eliminates the need for glass cleaning solution, so it saves you money and it's helping the planet because you're not making extra waste. This is the ultimate Frugal Lady Must Have!

When it comes to storage, I love to find new ways to use items. Hollar had this gorgeous Stone briar Large Glass Jar with Lid for under $10 so I decided to use it to store cotton balls, but you could use it anywhere and for anything. It gives an apothecary jar feel and I just love that for the bathroom.

My favorite refresh was my makeup storage. Dollar has a private label called Just the Nest where they have storage and stationary items that are cute and cheap. I decided to use the Just the Nest Desk Organizer as storage for my makeup. The white looks clean and it holds my everyday makeup so well. The pen holder and envelope holder work so well for my makeup brushes and palettes. If I could give you 1 tip, it would be rethink everything. Just because an item is labeled for 1 thing, doesn't mean it can't work as another. I've always wanted acrylic organizers but I don't want to spend $20+ the Desk Organizer was $8 and worth every penny!

The gray storage boxes are also from the Just the Nest line and they are beautiful. The pattern and color work really well in the space but I also see them working in other areas of the house. The Round Storage Boxes by Just the Nest come with 3 boxes that can go inside of each other or can be stacked on top of each other.

I want you all to head over to Hollar and take a look around. They have amazing prices and great finds. I'm always happy with all the items I get from there. If you plan on refreshing your space here is a full list of all the products I mentioned in the video.

Products Mentioned:
Kaitlyn Canvas Shower Curtain:
White Shower Curtain Liner:
Chenille Bath Mat by Just the Nest:
Round Storage Boxes by Just the Nest - 3 Count:
Desk Organizer Set by Just the Nest:
Lysol Power Foam Bathroom Cleaner - Island Breeze 24 Oz.:
Lysol Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner - Lavender & Orchid Essence 28 Oz.:
Telescopic Colorful Duster:
Reusable Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth:
Comet Scrubbing Cleanser & Deodorizing Powder:
Home Basics 2-Tier Hanging Shower Caddy - Powdered Steel:
Stonebriar Large Glass Jar with Lid:
Western Family Cotton Balls - 300 Count:

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