Sensational Finds: Easy Easter/Spring Door Wreath

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easy Easter/Spring Door Wreath

Hi Friends! We're getting ready for the Spring/Easter season and recently changed our door wreath. I wanted to show you how I did our super easy DIY wreath.

I always use the same wreath for each season. By using the same wreath every season it saves me quite a bit of money. When the season is over and the wreath is taken down, I place all the wreath decor in a zip lock bag so I can use it again the next year. 
 photo 50da3b b1-0c94-44ec-aa7e-0036529867cf.jpg
 photo b07238c4-2844-488f-a227-78e07c06c790.jpg

 photo fa50a01d-6b82-4a30-826a-00209e425928.jpg

 photo dcee936a-2fae-41ef-bcb6-e1a8a7905d8f.jpg

All of the flowers were apart a large bouquet of silk flowers, instead of buying individual silk flowers. This is the best thing to do, unless your looking for a certain type of flower. Then all you do is arrange the flowers how you want them on the wreath, and hot glue them to the wreath!

 photo 84c0d1a4-8ce5-4d3b-9354-62c6eeaa8d09.jpg
This is exactly how the wreath looks from the front door.

What have you done to get into the Spring spirit?