Sensational Finds: Chic Dollar Tree Pumpkin DIY | Electrical Tape Stripe Pumpkin

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chic Dollar Tree Pumpkin DIY | Electrical Tape Stripe Pumpkin

Hi friends! Happy Fall! It's time to start my Fall DIY series and I couldn't be more excited. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to do DIY's and crafts, so lets see what I can come with this year. I posted this video on Youtube (if you aren't subscribed, please do so and help me get to 10k before Christmas!!) I wanted to share my chic Dollar Tree pumpkins and how I use Dollar Tree pumpkins around my home for our fall decor

If you haven't been to your local Dollar Tree, I think you're truly missing out! They have all the decor and diy supplies you'll need this fall season. The flowers are beautiful, the ribbon is glitter-y and they have a ton of owl knick-knacks (YAZZZ!) Everything you'll see in these 3 projects is from the Dollar Tree (with the exception of the wreath).

When it comes to fall decor, I love a rustic feeling but I also want it to match with my current decor. So this fall I'm aiming for "Rustic Chic" Lots of natural materials but with black and white stripes and chic vibe. My favorite color is orange but GAWD, why is everything "fall themed" orange?!!? I don't want to slap you in the face with orange when you walk in my home, I want you to feel warm, cozy and ready for a fall themed beverage! Let's see how that works out this year and I know mainly everything will be affordable and home-made!

Be sure to watch the video above to see the before and after shots. You will get to see exactly what I used from the Dollar Tree. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE and follow my blog because it will make me happy!